What is the opposite of “you”?

We, the complete opposite or maybe each other’s reflection

Ignoring all truths, I wrote my own perfect little fiction

We are two galaxies with alternative realities that met in collision

scattering waves of stardust that perhaps clouded my intuition

Without words but only innocent traces from out fingertips

oh how unfortunate that it never reached out lips

We hold on with all our might momentarily and let go

only to meet again & embrace the fallacies resonating in our souls

Stuck in a moment I am fighting for myself once more

I screamed, I cried and I still fight even when I’m sore

Is it your wounds, your pride or your made up rules?

or my melancholy that’s gathered by my feet in pools

For you, I bore it, left it unspoken and swallowed the words

though every point of each letter scraped my throat like thorns

They say opposites attract but at what cost exactly?

You and I are the opposites that never fit perfectly.