I know he isn’t mine to miss

and I shouldn’t be feeling like this

sometimes ignorance can be a bliss

but my soul constantly yearns for his


He thinks he hides those lies so well

or maybe I’m caught in a dillusional spell

As I stand here, between heaven and hell

what will become of us only time will tell


For so long I never could write of him

And of all this love and pain I’ve held in

Day by day, my light turned dim

till there was nothing but emptiness & sin


Today I finally picked up this pen

held in my breath until the count of ten

I must confess of this love & of the pain

drunk on courage, here I write again.


In your arms, in between each heart beat

my worries faded away from beneath my feet

I felt at peace even if the moment was brief

and the whole universe let out a sigh in relief

Your warmth filled up all the tears and cracks

of my tired, broken soul and all that it lacks

In your arms, I knew I had found my home

“Come back oh heart, there’s no need to roam”